auto gas signs

We have collected many auto gas signs that are listed on this page and you can see below. You can find many vintage old Automobile and Gas station signs on this specific page. Vintage Auto & Gas signs are available at Roadrelics at the best prices. You can come across a large collection of these signs on this page. We have actually been collecting these signs for many years.
You can find most of the branded signs here which you can buy and they are in excellent condition. I would like to mention some of the most important names here such as Mobil, Shell, Conoco, Husky, Texaco, Sinclair, Clarks, Lighting, D-X, Gasoline and many more.

Sell your signs

If you are finding to sell your precious sign then you have landed at the right website and I will give you the best price for it depending on its quality. Kindly get in touch with me to know more in details. Let me know how I can help you and we will take the terms further.

Other Brands

Gas brands Like Mobil, Shell, Conoco, Husky, Texaco, Sinclair, Clarks, Lighting, D-X, Gasoline, Motor Oil., Etc. Also cars like Ford Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Marmon, Studebaker, Pontiac, Willys, Hudson, Nash, John Deere, I.H., Valiant, Rambler,Jaguar, Jeffery Four and many more.

  1. Justin

    I’m interested in your Ford signs. I will be purchasing one but would like a quote for each one of them. I think I counted three total.

    • there are a couple that have sold, which ones are you interested in??

      • I sent you answer via email…thanks for the questions…

    • I sent you answer via email…thanks for the questions…

  2. Grev

    Hello, curious what your asking price is for the dodge brothers sign the tin smaltz one. If it’s still available. Thanks Greg

    • I sent you answer via email…thanks for the questions…

  3. Tom Pieracki

    Hi I’m interested in the Buick sign. How much are you asking?


    • the neon one & if so the horizontal or vertical one?? 1 or 2 sided

  4. Cory

    Have you ever come across a Burd Piston Rings sign? I’ve been searching the Internet and have been coming up empty. Appreciate your help!

    • No I have not come across this Burd Piston ring sign.good luck….

  5. My price for the flange is $1500 & its excellent condition……

    • Darryl Tilden

      that sign is sold

  6. Stephen Cooper

    How much are you asking for the Chevrolet 1967 Truck poster sign?

  7. Brian Larson

    Hi, I am interested in the GAS Arrow neon sign. Is that still available?


    • gas arrow sign was just recently sold.

  8. The porcelain Used Trucks porcelain neon sign is still available….

  9. Cassandra

    I’m intersted in your Chevy signs, specifically the double sided Chevy sign. Thanks!

  10. robert hundley

    I am interested in the Edsel sign; is it for sale and still available and what is the price. Thanks, Robert

  11. Craig

    Hi, I am interested in any Pontiac signs you might have for sale. If you could send me some pictures and let me know the prices, that’d be much appreciated. Thanks! – Craig

  12. Todd McCoy

    I am interested in alot of signs. I love the Shell gas pump, the 6′ mail pouch. Was curious about the right facing Pegasus? I didn’t see any, but if you have any Sinclair, Pure, Quaker State or Pennzoil. I live in Pa. Thank you. Your collection is my dream.

    • Bobby L

      Right facing Pegasus… Have you found one yet?
      Might be able to help you out possibly.

      • yes i have one but don’t really want to sell it…

  13. Katie

    Hello, I am hoping for more information on your Route 66 sign?
    Also, any Dodge sign.
    Thank you

    • There is a Dodge Brothers sign on the gas & auto signs page…..route 66 sign is guaranteed 100% old & original

  14. keith bell

    Hey! I’m wondering if you have any Flying A Gasoline signs?? Thanks, Keith

  15. Dorothy Scull

    I have 2 signs:
    Ammco The professional brake service
    Bumper to Bumper
    Can you tell me the value or what you think they may go for?
    Both are pretty large signs in fair to good condition.
    Thank you!

  16. Stephen

    how much for the “Nash” sign?

  17. John

    Any EDSEL signs left?

    • Email sent…i attached EDSEL sign photos to the email……

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