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This website is devoted to our specials signs, vintage collectibles buying, specials signs,  trading and selling of vintage Antique Advertising Signs, displays, clocks, Americana, Folk Art. Country Store, Primitives and whatever else we like.
You can buy with specials signs confidence, we offer a full money back guarantee, minus shipping !!!…we guarantee ALL of our advertising signs as old, originals, and NO reproduction or fantasy

We have a great collection of specials – signs therefore I preferred to have a separate page of special signs. You can find signs for various uses here such as restaurants, drinks etc. As mentioned several times on the website , I deal in many types of signs such as vintage signs , old signs , advertising signs and they are guaranteed that they are 100% original in all aspects. In this special signs section, you can find many antique signs. They may be more costly than reproductions but their originality makes them costly.

Many customers have asked for the best quotations but I have fixed prices for them as they are special signs.

  • It takes time to collect the unique and special designs
  • and of course I have travelled over all USA for this beautiful collection of special signs.

I am sure that I will find the best customers for them. Visitors to the website find them relevant to their collector and business needs , they will definitely pay the best price for these special signs. I will also guarantee these vintage porcelain signs and all of the other signs to be authentic, old original in every way unless otherwise noted.If you are not happy with your purchase i will refund 100% of your money except for shipping charges..They have a 100% guarantee or your money back. You can call ROADRELICS @ 612-723-1999 for your vintage sign purchase. Also check our other pages for vintage advertising signs Auto Gas & Oil signs  ..   Metal Signs … Tin & Metal SignsVintage Porcelain Signs…  Vintage Porcelain Neon SignsMisc. Vintage Signs & Displaysand vintage neon clocks and vintage advertising Neon Vintage & Advertising Clocks

  1. william pate

    i have an Gold Crown stamp sign has a girl with a crown on it it is large 2ft x 10 ft cant find in the internet any thoughts?

    • thanks for the offer but doubt i would be interested….

  2. Charlie

    How much for the large yellow boarder Pepsi cola sign with the bottle cap in the middle..dated 1963 in your special sign collection.
    Thank you


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