Roadrelics Darryl Tilden  Review

Roadrelics Darryl Tilden helped me find a vintage sign that I had been looking for for quite some time.  Roadrelics Darryl Tilden also helped me avoid getting taken by scammers.  You won’t find a more helpful or honest businessman.
     Thanks, Larry Terborg  Grand Rapids Michigan
      I purchased a sign from a person in St. Minnesota and after I sent the check things went bad…The person i sent the check to cashed it, then stopped all communications…I called Darryl Tilden at ROADRELICS  & explained the situation to him..I said the check was for $180 for a thermometer, it was not the money so much as it was this blatant liar thief who ripped me off……Darryl then sets up a meeting with this scammer & retrievs my thermometer for me…..see his website  also see some other pages   Feedback & References