Neon & Advertising Clocks act as Vintage sign, old advertising

                 neon advertising clocks

            First of all we have been collecting neon advertising clocks over 30 years now and have an extensive collection. While i do sell some doubles and others, our primary focus has been signs. we still love clocks however with all the reproductions and sellers taking advantage of these new faces, it has been a challenge….First of all beware of old clock bodies with new clock faces in them…Also most people and collectors can’t tell the difference however after many years of experience looking and examining them, it becomes easy to see the differences….And also we have many clocks in The Advertising Clock book written by Michael Bruner, who i will use as a reference…….

                       Furthermore scroll down to see some examples of these clocks..some are for sale, some are not….WE NEVER SELL REPRODUCTIONS ….Here are some of the neon clock makers and information about them….Neon Action, Neon Clock Company of Los Angeles, Neon Clock Sales,Neon Display Products, Neon Electric Corporation, Prestyle, Radio-TV Adv. Inc., Ray Neon Instrument, Rosemont Industries, Seth Thomas, Taylor Thermometers.  Travel Time (with special notes regarding Neon Products and Marvin Display clocks), and Wesc“Correct Time/Say It In Neon” gallery page, and a few to the Electric Ad Clock pageAll American, Curtis, Everlite, GE, Hanssen, Imperial Ad, International 

              Also  Lewis clocks, and clocks have been added on the American (1), Brubaker (4), Canadian Neon Ray Gallery(14), and Lumi-Dial (1) pages. Some of these new additions can be found on the pages for clocks advertising Food/Beverages, Auto Companies, and Radio/TV Stations….. And Electric Neon Clock Company history page.. Ohio Advertising Display Company…..Also Neo-Lite Attentioneer Clocks.. Glo-Dial …… Roto-Dial clocks… Table Top clocks… Federal Neon Clock Company……NeoCraft clock….

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Neon & Advertising Clocks

                               Vintage Advertising Neon Clocks

First of all Vintage Advertising Neon Clocks are much like signs. As a result they advertise a product usually and they will also give you the correct time so this is a dual function object..Consequently we have Neon & Advertising Clocks….While they also make a nice night light they are also a work of art. Also they can advertise every type product available.. As a result products like Automobiles, Beer, Soda, Shoes, Clothing, Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, Tires,, Radio, Television,

Trains, Buses, Planes, Motorcycles, Gas Stations, Automobiles

As a result these products are Gas & Oil, Jewelry, Pawn Shops, Stamp, Coffee & Tea products, the list is endless. While we have personally amassed a large selection of vintage clocks including vintage neon & advertising clocks, vintage time neon clocks there are many more… Also Some of the brands below

 Lackner ,  Also Glo Dial, Cleveland Clock Company, Canadian Neon Ray, NPI, Double Bubble. And Aztec. Furthermore  Telechron, Federal, Crackle Tube,.Neon Action, Neon Clock Company of Los Angeles, Neon Clock Sales,Neon Display Products, Neon Electric Corporation.  Also Seth Thomas, Ray Neon Instrument,Taylor Thermometers, Travel Time. And Neon Products, Marvin Display, Correct Time, Say It In Neon. In addition Pam Clock Company,Lewis Clocks, Electric Ad Clock, Everlite, GE, Curtis. Finally, All American. Also Brubaker, Lumi Dial, Roto Dial, Neo-Lite Attentioneer, Neo Craft  ….

Replica, Vintage Pam Advertising Clocks & Clock Faces