porcelain neon signs

First of all We specialize in these porcelain and neon signs. Furthermore Because we have a huge collection of them. Probably almost buy and sell all types of porcelain neon signs including car, automobile, truck train, plane, Oil and Gas ( Mobil, Shell, Cities Service, Texaco and many other brands).

Therefore Some of are also soda like Coca Cola, 7-UP, RC Cola, Pepsi, etc. I almost would like to mention some more such as beer & Brewania., Hamms, Budweiser, Grain Belt, Blatz, Kato, Schmidt, Point, etc.

Most of all we have very old collectible signs from 1800’s to 1940’s. Buy or sell any neon sign. I almost am ready to help in the same. A unique porcelain sign speaks to us about an older, simpler time. When gas stations were still full service and coke bottles cost a nickel. The categories that you can find a vintage  sign in are seemingly endless. Many collectors stick to a specific brand or style of sign. While others collect anything that falls in a certain time frame. Some of the most well-known items include the Coca Cola porcelain sign.

Let me know if you buy or sell these signs and I will make it happen easily.

Most of all these come in all sizes, shapes, styles and forms, some are die cut with multiple colors of porcelain and neon. Auto & transportation signs such as Pontiac, Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Nash, Hudson,Oldsmobile, REO, Mack Truck, Peterbuilt, Evinrude, Cessna, Burlington Northern, Zephyr, Chief, Hiawatha, Greyhound etc.

Visit Our Video Gallery To see the signs at : https://www.roadrelics.com/videos-of-signs/

  1. Edward Thompson

    OK sign #55? Would like to know the price and shipping to zip 28906.

    • Beautiful excellent all original condition for $4000 plus shipping……

  2. Clint candler

    Sign number 61 price, nice sign

    • I’m not sure what sign number 61 is…what exactly is the sign you are referring to ???

  3. Lance

    What all Nash signs do you have?

  4. Mike

    How much for sign 81 Taylor’s ice cream

  5. Jerid

    I stumbled across your site and I’m curious if you have most of these still or is the content here old? You have or had a great collection! How much for the rc cola sign missing the cabinet and neon?

    Thanks Jerid


  6. paul ferri

    I am interested in the neon Buick sign. Do you have price on it?


  7. Stephen Cooper

    What are you asking for 6′ Chevrolet neon porcelan OK used truck sign plus shipping?

  8. Dave

    how much for the reddy kilowatt sign?

    • if you read the description on the reddii killowatty sign you will see its in my collection & not for sale

  9. Michael “Flash” Flood

    Happy New Year,
    #34 the Howard Johnson sign…you say not cheap…how much is that please? I also see you’d like to keep that one. Where did all those signs go?
    Best, Flash

  10. Tim Gilstrap

    Sign #50
    What’s the overall size is it and what’s the price?
    Also what year is it?

  11. Hello, I am interested in cost of the “Taylor’s Ice Cream” sign and the “Wicker Fish” sign
    Also does the Wicker Fish sign have neon ?
    Thank you

  12. Justin

    Looking for an original “ford tractor” neon sign

  13. Rick Sheldon

    Hi Darryl I am interested in the Grain Belt on tap skin number 18 how much is this sign? thanks and have a great day!!! Rick

  14. Craig Mazzola

    Please E Mail me a list of neon automotive signs available.

  15. Rod

    Do you still have the Evenrude neon sign?

  16. Hayley

    Do you have an neon chevrolet signs? If you do, what is the price?

    Thank you

  17. John Boggess

    Could you please provide availability and price on the following neon signs:
    Ford oval
    2 Buick hort and vert

  18. Guy Crouch

    Hi! I’m interested in several of your signs. #11, 14, 41. Are these available for sale, and if so, how much?


    • Hello…             I recieved your email below…..I am not sure what signs these numbers are  #11, 14, 41………what page are they on?? I have many pages….You can call me at 612-723-1999 or email me your contact # and i will call you……Thanks Darryl

  19. Hello, I am opening a spa and mineral hot springs hotel. Do you have any identification/road signs that could work for this?

    • Hello……I received your email about using some vintage road signs for you new business………Yes i do have some of those types of signs….it would probably be best if you called me at 612-723-1999 or email me your # and i will call you…..I have a few on my website below & have others not on my website, so it would be best to communicate by phone……Thanks Darryl

  20. Hello,

    Did you sell the horizontal Buick sign?
    If not, what is the cost?
    Where would I see a current inventory?



  21. Jordan

    Hello! Love the site! Some really cool old items! Looking for specific neon style for a client. Preferred less colors either mainly white or potentially pink… can you please reach out to me and lmk what you may have that would fit these parameters and we can go from there? Thank you!

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